© DY Engineering. Copyright  2017 Back Cover Kit for 60mm Square Frame Stepper Motor IP40 A neat solution to cover the stepper motor back side providing connector interface, motor wiring protection and rear shaft (where applicable) protection. An aesthetic solution to a common problem Connector interface for easy maintenance and setup process For a professional looking machine Features: CNC machined from durable plastic Easily mounts using the motor's existing screw holes (see installation guide  for more info) Provides IP40 protection Suitable for both motors with or without rear shaft. Incorporates a sleeve protecting the rear shaft of a motor from interfering with the wiring. Comes with pre-drilled centre marks for fast and easy drilling of the mounting holes to suit the motor.  Note: use a good coolant/lubricant when drilling aluminium to avoid weld up of material and breakage of drill bit (required drill bit clearance length is 55mm) Each kit contains: 1 motor cover, 4 M3x30 mounting screws, 1 panel mount 4-pin connector and 1 mating cable end 4-pin connector. Click here to check the covers fit your motor Unit Price: 23.90 USD We haven’t been making the aluminium machined covers for over 2 years. However, recently there has been an increasing interest in this size of the cover. So we decided to accept orders and offer these covers CNC machined from durable plastic. Please fill the order form below and you will be added to the order list. We will run a batch only when/if enough orders come in. By submitting the order form you agree to complete the payment as soon as you are notified that the order is ready to ship. If within 60 days from the day you submit your order there won’t be enough orders to run a batch, we will not run one and your order will be canceled and you will not be expected to pay.   Please Note: These are now offered CNC machine from durable plastic instead of aluminium! Please Note that the look and shape of the plastic machined covers may differ a bit from what is seen in the pictures above.